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no orthotics

Orthotics are only working when they are being worn. The choices of footwear that will accommodate them are often limited. Foot Mobilisation Treatment when combined with a Structured Exercise Plan, will lead to a stronger more supportive foot structure, enabling you to be pain free, and wear the shoes you want.


no drugs or surgery

Injections, drugs and surgery treat symptoms only. Foot Mobilisation Treatment addresses the underlying cause. By treating and correcting the underlying cause, pain is being effectively treated, and the return of symptoms recurring is often prevented. Dry Needling, Acupuncture or Low Level Laser Therapy, may be used in conjunction with FMT, to provide solutions to your symptoms.


foot mobilisation treatment

Foot and Leg Pain treatment involves a specialised form of manual therapy, called Foot Mobilisation Treatment. It targets the correction of foot and leg pain, and restoring proper function. FMT works on the joints of the foot and ankle which are not working as they should, due to stiffness or poor alignment and structure. Long term results are achieved by a series of FMT sessions, combined with a Structured Exercise Plan.

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we take the time to listen to you and Identify issues

In a relaxed environment, we will listen to your concerns, problems and the effects of living with pain is having on your life. Once the root cause is established, a treatment plan will be established to assist you in returning to pain-free activity


we work together with you to tailor a treatment program

Your type of pain is unique to you; how it affects your daily living, limits activity, and levels of discomfort has a different effect on each individual. We tailor a treatment plan that takes in all of this plus your goals and time availability


we ensure that you have everything you need to manage going forward

A Structured Exercise Plan which is simple to follow and implement will be provided. We will also review your progress to ensure everything is on track and achieving the goals that you desire.

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